Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Deploying fiber networks is all about speed. Faster deployments mean faster customer turnups to make communities happier, which in turn translates to faster revenue generation which makes for happier investors. Everyone’s happier when deployments happen on or ahead of schedule – preferably ahead of schedule.

Can new fiber products bring happiness? If they simplify deployment and lead to faster customer turnups, the answer is an unqualified “Yes.” The SeeChange™ Terminal and hardened connector system announced last month should bring you joy. It provides a plug-and-play approach ideal for any fiber network deployment. SeeChange™ is a small, craft-friendly, carrier-grade access terminal, purpose-built as a commercial-off-the-shelf option for community broadband and 5G network operators looking to accelerate deployments without having to worry about supply chain constraints and a shortage of skilled field technicians.

SeeChange™ is a cost-effective, pre-packaged solution that requires minimal training in any deployment scenario and is designed to withstand the most extreme environments – a feature that should offer comfort in today’s unpredictable climate changes. The hardened fiber assemblies are available with either a multi-fiber MPO connector or a single-fiber SC APC connector. An integrated rear shell provides a feature that engages and fully seals a connection to the SeeChange™ Terminal.

The gear is ideal for harsh OSP environments and rated for installations below grade or above grade, including aerial installation on strands. Its compact size means it can be deployed in many different locations, including pedestal, vault, flowerpot, pole-mount, smart-pole, or strand mounted options. This means SeeChange™ is easily integrated into your deployment needs, not forcing you to adapt different solutions across the network as environments, neighborhoods, and rights-of-way access change.

One of the biggest truths in fiber network deployment over the next five years is the need to go further and faster and at lower cost than any time previously. Operators need to leverage solutions that speed time to market through ease-of-use and that can be deployed with minimal training. SeeChange™ is a solution that can address those needs with a simplified designed to work in the harshest environments operators will face.

We’ve designed SeeChange™ to be a complete solution for quick installations using entry-level technicians. While the fiber industry is working on bringing more trained fiber technicians into the workforce over the next five years, it’s not something you can wait on. Simplified installation today means you can get customers turned up today and that’s something everyone should be able to support with the need for rapid deployment speed and the 'happiness’ it brings.

Kevin leads the marketing efforts for Clearfield as Chief Marketing Officer. He joined the fiber company in 2016, leveraging his extensive experience in advanced communications technology, fiber optic systems, and business product marketing. Prior to joining Clearfield, he spent two decades serving in various senior marketing positions at ADTRAN. Before that, he spent a decade at telephone operating company BellSouth, now a part of AT&T, where he worked as the lead broadband product evaluations resource in the Science & Technology department.

Morgan currently serves on the Fiber Broadband Association Senior Council Committee and has also held various leadership positions at the Fiber Broadband Association, including Board of Directors Chair for 2015, 2019, and 2022. Morgan holds an Electrical Engineering degree from Auburn University and an MBA from the University of Alabama.