CraftSmart FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal

The CraftSmart® FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal provides a secure, above-ground access point for fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) networks. The internal components of the pedestal are optimized for fiber-only deployments and offer configuration flexibility to suit the needs of the network. The compact design is ideal for housing several Clearfield® products. 

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BABA Compliant

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This product meets BABA compliance standards and is available to quote. For more details, please contact our sales team at (800) 422-2537 or complete the inquiry form here.

Product Details

Clearfield’s CraftSmart product line provides physical fiber protection for delivering a turnkey passive solution from the central office/headend to the customer premises. The CraftSmart FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal provides a small, cost-effective, non-metallic enclosure - meeting the industry standards for strength, reliability and environmental concerns.

The FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal consists of a two-part base and removable cover measuring 5.9” in diameter and 20" or 30” in height and is designed and tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions, as well as UV, chemical and impact resistance. The pedestal includes a built-in, multi-use metal frame for mounting various products inside the pedestal. An industry standard telco security screw (216) is used to attach and lock the cover to the base.  

The FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal is designed to provide a small, aesthetically pleasing footprint, while providing maximum flexibility. Current configuration options include:

Empty Ped Option

The empty ped option is ideal for housing various types of fiber terminations. The pre-installed pedestal frame and ground bar make this a great option for rapid field installations close to the home.

SeeChange® Terminal Option

The SeeChange Terminal mounting bracket option is available to support the deployment of Clearfield’s uniquely small SeeChange Terminal. The bracket and terminal can easily be installed in the field and ordered separately.

Features & Benefits


  • Constructed of durable, UV resistant material for maximum security and service life.
  • Separate, direct-bury base and removable cover, all made with a high impact resistant thermoplastic material.
  • Designed to meet and exceed GR-13.


  • Interlocking cover provides protection from the elements.
  • Industry standard telco security screw (216) attaches cover securely to base.
  • Direct-bury base provides a uniform and secure installation while reducing the chances of leaning or tilting.


  • Removable cover provides complete access to inside of pedestal.
  • Built-in, integrated frame provides multiple mounting options for a wide variety of applications.


  • High strength, rigid construction ensures long term reliability in the harshest environments.
  • Small profile and cost-effective pedestal can be deployed in a variety of applications.

Technical Specifications

CraftSmart FiberFirst 6-Inch Pedestal

Specification Description
Cover Only Dimensions

30” Ped - 5.9” Diameter x 31”H

20” Ped - 5.9” Diameter x 21” H

Base Only Dimensions 8.75” Diameter X 16.5”H (buried 12” deep with 4.5” above ground)
Cover Material High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Material 
Base Material High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic Material 
Mounting Options Direct Buried 
Security/Locking Telco Security (216) Screw Locks Cover to Base
Ground Bar Included with Each Pedestal
Ground Stake Ground Stake location molded into base. Customer supplied ground stake.
Application Tether Bracket
Weight 10 lbs.