FieldShield Microduct Field Repair Kit

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Product Details

There are many situations where two microducts need to be coupled together to continue the conduit pathway. Regardless of whether the microduct was cut after initial installation or if the duct pathway simply needs to be continued, the FieldShield Microduct Repair Kit provides all the components to properly couple two microducts. For toneable duct, the kit includes components to ensure tone wire circuit integrity for ground locating.

Technical Specifications

Kit Components

  • 22-18GA Red Crimp Butt Splice - Qty. 2
  • 10mm to 10mm Microduct Coupler - Qty. 2
  • 4" Section of Epoxy Lined 5/16" OD Heatshrink - Qty. 2
  • 6" Section of Epoxy Lined 3/4" OD Heatshrink - Qty. 2