FieldSmart Fiber Distribution Hub (FDH) 432 and 864-Port Cross-Connect Cabinet

The FieldSmart FDH Cross-Connect Cabinet is the complete solution for managing up to 864 fibers in most any feeder/distribution ratio for an outside plant FTTx application. This solution provides an interconnect environment from the feeder network and the distribution field in a FTTH network.
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BABA Compliant

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This product meets BABA compliance standards and is available to quote. For more details, please contact our sales team at (800) 422-2537 or complete the inquiry form here.

Product Details

With the Clearview® Cassette as its foundation, the FieldSmart FDH Cross-Connect Cabinet uses the same components as the FieldSmart Fiber Crossover Distribution System (FxDS) deployed in the central office. This enables service providers to standardize on a single building block, allowing them to stock a single fiber management component for either environment. Technicians also have the ease of working with a single fiber architecture for central office or outside plant deployment - saving training and installation time. Using Clearview, FieldSmart changes the rules of fiber management. Optimal access is ensured to all ports and superior fiber protection is integrated within the Clearview Cassette. Through the incremental design of the Clearview Cassette, user capacity can be scaled from as few as 12 ports to the maximum configuration of the cabinet, allowing the service provider to align the investment in capital equipment to the turn-up of revenuegenerating circuits. Further, labor and other field costs are minimized through this craft-friendly layout.

The FieldSmart FDH Cross-Connect Cabinet family incorporates a new pyramid shaped roof/solar shield and a reusable/replaceable venting feature, providing additional protection for deployed fiber. Mounting options include pad, pole or vault mounted with either a 4” or 12” riser. An optional exterior ground box is also available.

Features & Benefits

  • Terminations designed, tested and certified to Telcordia GR-326
  • Clearfield® FiberDeep® Guarantee: 0.2 dB insertion loss or less, exceeding industry standards
  • Designed to comply to Telcordia GR-20, GR-409, GR-487 and GR-3125
  • Constructed with 0.090 (3.175 mm) aluminum
  • Powder coated for additional protection
  • 300 series stainless steel fasteners used on all cabinets
  • Optional 4” and 12” risers, can be stacked to raise cabinet if required
  • 12-fiber Clearview Cassette protects fiber from environmental and human factors
  • Rugged cable clamps protect the OSP cable breakouts from twisting and pistoning
  • Patch only buffer tubes are fully protected with ruggedized, bend-limiting tubing
  • Snake skin sleeving provides additional buffer tube slack storage protection and manageability for patch and splice (Clearfield’s incassette splicing solution) configurations
  • Pyramid roof and venting provide additional protection in all environments


  • Clearview Cassette allows for quick visual troubleshooting without opening cassette
  • Front access to pre-terminated assemblies with Clearview removable adapter plate
  • Two captive fasteners for quick removal of individual cassettes for trouble shooting, splicing or replacing
  • Front and rear access doors
  • Bottom exit/entrance for fiber cables


  • Fiber is deployed in increments of 12, providing the users the ability to scale from 12 ports to full capacity, aligning capital investment with network layout or subscriber revenue
  • Express ports allow for extensions or parallel networks through the cabinet
  • Patch and splice configurations eliminate costs associated with additional hand-holes and splice cases

Technical Specifications

FieldSmart FDH Cross-Connect Cabinets 432 Port 864 Port
Dimensions (without risers) 35.11" H x 18.5" W x 16.98" D (891.79 mm x 469.90 mm x 431.29 mm) 35.11” H x 33.20” W x 18.47” D (891.79 mm x 843.28 mm x 469.14 mm)
Weight 54 lbs (24.49 kg) 86 lbs (39.01 kg)
Port Density 432 864
Cable Entrances 6 12
Mounting Options  Vault mount; pole mount; pad mount Vault mount; pad mount
Standard Riser Base 4”; 6 lbs (101.60 mm; 2.72 kg)  4”; 8 lbs (101.60 mm; 3.63 kg)
Optional Riser Base 12”; 12 lbs (304.80 mm; 5.44 kg) 12”; 12 lbs (304.80 mm; 9.07 kg)
Cassette Types Supported Clearview® Blue
Connector Types SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC
Cable Types Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor (Riser/Non-Rated), Outdoor Armored (Riser/Non-Rated)
Splice Capacity 12 splices in each Clearview Cassette
Material 0.90 aluminum with almond powder coating
Recommended Jumper Length 2 meters