Certified Product Training Program


Intro to Clearfield Building Blocks (ONLINE ONLY)

Learn at your own pace with quick and easy self-led online courses.

Understand the fundamentals and practical insights working with Clearview Cassettes, Pushable connectors, MPO "shifting," and other critical aspects within the product portfolio. These Building Blocks are essential for network deployment and therefore serve as a prerequisite for advancing to the next level, Journeyman.


Select Your Product Certifications

Specialization in a particular product line or installation technique, allowing for personalized skill development in areas of interest or demand.

Deeper Knowledge of Clearfield Products

Advanced Clearfield product training focusing on features, benefits, and installation scenarios. Field test with hands-on experiences to apply theoretical knowledge.


Field Test

Hands-on field experience with a seasoned installer to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, ensuring comprehensive skill development.


Formal recognition of the completion of the Master level training, including a certificate listed on the Clearfield website.

Live Sessions

Interactive, instructor-led sessions that build upon the online training with real-world scenarios and Q&A opportunities.

Field Master

Ongoing Education

Continual online learning modules to keep up with the latest advancements in Clearfield products and installation techniques.


Collaboration opportunities with Clearfield for ongoing product improvement and feedback, as well as networking with other field masters.

Why get Clearfield certified?

By choosing Clearfield's training solutions, you're not just investing in individual skillsets; you're enhancing your operational efficiency, workforce morale, and the overall performance and reliability of your network deployments.
Maximize Efficiency and Savings

Clearfield's specialized training programs are designed to quickly transform beginners into skilled technicians, drastically reducing the costs and time associated with network deployment by minimizing errors and improving speed from day one.

Enhance Network Performance and Reliability

With an emphasis on practical, craft-friendly techniques, Clearfield's training ensures that technicians are well-prepared to handle installations and maintenance efficiently, improving first dispatch resolution rates, reducing the need for repeat visits, and ultimately leading to a more reliable network infrastructure.

Expansive Training with Custom Curriculums

Clearfield offers a variety of product training curriculums. Our certified program offers multiple apprentice, journeyman, master, and field master programs, along with the option to tailor the curriculum to meet your specific requirements.

Empower and Satisfy Your Workforce

Through access to a comprehensive suite of educational resources and hands-on training, Clearfield empowers your technicians with the knowledge and skills they need, boosting their confidence and satisfaction. this investment in their professional growth fosters loyalty and reduces turnover, enhancing your team's cohesion and effectiveness.

Increase Recognition and Online Presence

Contractors who complete full product certification (ISP, OSP, or both) will have their company name, contact information, and logo featured on our "Certified Contractor Partner" webpage, advertising their business to future customers. Furthermore, they can showcase the "Clearfield Certified" logo on their website to gain recognition and trust with their audience.

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