Clearfield (CLFD), Fiber to Anywhere

Many of today’s broadband funding awards come with deployment milestones. Operators are challenged to pass and connect more homes than traditional methods will allow. Fulfilling shareholder and customer expectations requires new methods that will accelerate fiber provider deployment goals.

Using Clearfield’s FastPass™ approach utilizing in-cassette splicing or spooling technology, operators can reap the benefits of labor and cost savings, but the measurable benefit is TIME.  Additionally, the FastPass approach saves material costs, supply chain and inventory complexity…and that’s a bonus.

Video: FastPass Method Utilizing the FieldShield Deploy Reel

Whitepaper: Fiber to the Home Time Study for Connecting the Home using FastPass

Video: FastPass Approach At-A-Glance

Image if Clearview Blue cassette

Blog: DOUBLING Your Rate of Fiber Homes Passed is a Matter of TIME

Surpassing your deployment milestones by doubling the rate of your PON cabinet deployments is possible. Clearfield® customers do it every day with modular, building block architectures using in-cassette splicing.