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Several key metrics are important to Cerento and their clients in order to have a winning solution. These include price, lead time and responsiveness. Clearfield was chosen because of their shorter lead times, excellent sales/support responsiveness and lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Image of a technician installing Clearfield YOURx-Terminal


The Clearfield solution to Cerento’s fiber challenge consists of the YOURx-Terminal (strand mounted for aerial application) and the FieldShield FLATdrop fiber drop cable assembly. The terminal is fed with FieldShield FLATdrop: one end of the cable goes to a traditional splice point and the other (MPO) end plugs into the terminal. Consecutive terminals may be connected using shifted pinouts until the original count is exhausted via the pushable MPO assemblies. The FieldShield FLATdrop used for the “drop” is a pigtail, connected to the terminal through the MPO breakout feeder input port, run to the building and spliced to a shorter pigtail. The final assembly jumper is made from this location into the subscriber location.

By using this shifted topology, the Clearfield YOURx-Terminal enables Cerento to install only about 35% of the cable needed versus a traditional hub-and-spoke topology—a significant savings in cable. The terminal’s MPO in/out ports let them build the shifted topology without any additional closures or fusion splicing requirements. And the shifted wiring schematic enables Cerento to use just a single terminal part number.

Yourx terminal with flat drop


“The biggest value of the Clearfield YOURx-Terminal solution is the substantial increase in speed to market through the lower product lead times offered by Clearfield, and by the reduction in deployment time,” says Kim Kobbe, Project Manager, Cerento. Cerento is particularly pleased with these benefits:

  • The Shift feature allows them to connect up to eight terminals, dramatically reducing material and labor requirements
  • The MPO in/out feature allows the deployment of a daisy chaining topology without any additional closure or fusion splicing requirements
  • The use of pre-connectorized FieldShield FLATdrop cables eliminates the need for fusion splicing on most installs—reducing equipment and labor costs

“We installed this deployment in half the time it would take without the use of the YOURx-Terminal. Clearfield was engaged in the success of our project from the beginning of the design phase, to the deployment of the network…even going as far as to send an installation specialist out to provide training and assistance to our field crew,” says Kobbe. “We look forward to working with Clearfield again in the near future!”

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