Fiber Optic Products

Modular optical components are splitters or WDMs that are packaged inside this metal housing with three duplex SC adapters or three quad LC female adapters for a total of 12 ports. The LGX modules utilizes a 6” (152.40 mm)high Optical Component Chassis to house the modules in a frame and can hold up to 29, ½ wide LGX.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 0.56” H x 5.12” W x 6.72” D (14.22 mm x 130.04 mm x 170.69 mm)
Port Density SC: 6 (3 dual SC adapters); LC: 12 (3 quad LC adapters)
Connector Types SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC
Optical Component Types WDMs, FSAN-WDMs, CWDMs, Splitters
Splitter Types 1 x 8, 1 x 4
Panel Type 6” (152.40 mm) LGX Optical Component Chassis
Material 16 gauge cold rolled steel with almond powder coating

Features & Benefits


  • RUS listed
  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-449
  • Supports industry standard LC adapters


  • Ruggedized, secure packaging


  • Front inputs and outputs


  • FieldSmart® Optical Components offer an economical, dense and user-friendly solution for deploying splitters or WDMs in a central office design
  • Any combination of split ratios and number of components up to 12 ports
  • Clearfield® supports legacy splitter deployments by offering optical components in LGX footprint
  • Environmentally stable, high-isolation, low-insertion loss
  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209