Fiber Optic Products

Clearfield® provides both build-out and in-line attenuators in all industry standard interface and attenuation values.

Fiber optic attenuators are designed to introduce a specific amount of signal loss into an optical circuit. These products provide attenuation at a mated pair connection and are used for signal budgeting and power equalization.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Return Loss UPC: 55 dB; APC: 65 dB
Attenuation Tolerance

1 to 10 db: ± 0.5 dB

11 to 30 dB: ± 5%

Operational Wavelength 1260nm to 1650nm
Operating Temperature -40°C to 85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Max Power 500mW

Features & Benefits


  • Compliant to Telcordia GR-910 and GR-1221
  • Supports industry standard Singlemode connectors
  • Outside Plant hardened components


  • Male and female ends all have protective dust cap
  • Individually packaged for protection and to eliminate product mix up


  • Compact style fits in most cabinets and panels
  • Connector interface includes ST, SC, SC/APC, FC, FC/APC, LC, LC/APC
  • 1dB through 20dB, 25dB and 30dB attenuation
  • Dual Bandwidth 1310/1550nm Supported
  • Attenuation levels clearly marked for easy identification


  • WaveSmart Attenuators offer an economical, dense and user-friendly solution for deploying fiber in any optical network
  • Environmentally stable, high-isolation, low-insertion loss
  • All components are tested 100%