FieldSmart FxHD is an integrated fiber management solution utilizing the Clearview Blue Cassette. Designed around the same footprint as the FxDS fiber frame at 18” x 36” and utilizing the same full length doors for maximum physical fiber protection, the FxHD easily integrates alongside existing FieldSmart FxDS or other industry standard frame systems. Those deploying the FieldSmart FxHD can start with one Clearview Blue Cassette and add additional cassettes as additional capacity is needed, up to a total of 168 cassettes and 2016 ports of connectivity. This port count represents an additional 288 ports in a standard 7’ frame – or a 17% increase in density over the FxDS frame solution. With instant access to all cassettes, adapters and jumpers, the frame is designed as a front access frame. This means that all of your installation, MAC (moves, adds and changes) work and routing of jumpers is done from one side of the frame providing you the option to reclaim the aisle space required for frame solutions that require rear access - and to use that space for other equipment or more frames. The FxHD can be placed against a wall, cage in data center collocation environments or installed back to back. The FxHD frame solution provides a 40% reduction in floor space requirement while still meeting 30” aisle spacing requirements.

With the FieldSmart FxHD front access design, Clearview Cassettes are shifted to the outside of the frame and away from a fixed panel configuration seen with standard 19 and 23 frame solutions. Instead of traditional panel configurations, the frame is configured with a series of Clearview Blue cassettes teamed with building brackets built into user-defined Building Blocks.

Ease of configuration and ordering – with complete flexibility.

There are just two part numbers:  one for patch only and one for patch & splice. You are not limited to the capacity of a panel and the number of panels in the manufacturers portfolio because there are no panels – instead & you have the ultimate in modularity and flexibility to scale from 12 to 2016 ports in any fiber count. This gives you an optimized ability to maximum your fiber investment and assets. Easy to order, easier to inventory, and the easiest solution to use and install.

Clearview Blue’s in-cassette buffer tube storage allows the FxHD to reclaim the space used for traditional panels and mass buffer storage and to redeploy it by using Building Blocks of Clearview Blue Cassettes and carving out a better jumper route paths that eliminate cable tie-in and truly be able to handle the jumper implications of 2016 ports .

Application Scenarios

Patch Only

Clearview Blue and the ganging bracket enable any size block of cassettes to be configured for patch only any size fiber count or cable sheath. Pre-terminated OSP or IFC cable in loose-tube, ribbon, or tight-buffered constructions are pre-terminated into the appropriate amount of Clearview Blue cassettes, and those cassettes are loaded into the appropriate number of ganged building brackets and shipped out to you. Upon arrival, the patch only Building Block, of any port count, is pulled out of the container, the blunt tail is routed to your fiber entrance cabinet, splice case, or whatever splice point you are using, and the Building Block of cassettes is snapped into the frame, where you want it, without the use of any tools. Spring tensioned fasteners provide for instant mounting of any size Building Block of cassettes. This FxHD can be built is less time than a traditional frame with only a single pair of hands reducing installation labor and your total cost of ownership. To order, you need simple two part numbers: the Frame Kit and the Building Bracket.

Patch & Splice

For patch and splice, it gets even better. Turn up and installation is even quicker and there is no need for a fiber entrance cabinet, splicing hardware, or trays. With the FxHD frame patch & splice configuration, everything but Clearview Blue is preloaded at the factory .

You next step is to order your patch and splice Clearview Blue cassette configuration. You will need to choose from ribbon or loose-tube, as well as your connector style, or possibly optical components.

Technical Specifications

Specification Description
Dimensions 7.2’ H x 36” W x 18” D
Ratings Compliant to Telcordia GR-449
Port Density 2,016 SC or 4,032 LC (front access only, back-to-back mounting)
Cassette Types Supported Clearview® Blue
Connector Types SC/UPC, SC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC, MPO (additional options available upon request)
Cable Types Indoor Riser, Indoor Plenum, Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor (Riser/Non-Rated), Outdoor Armored (Riser/Non- Rated), FieldShield®
Splice Capacity 12 splices in each Clearview Cassette
Storage Capacity One meter of 900 μm fiber and up to three meters of jacketed fiber
Cable Entry Compatibility Top and bottom (floor) entry
Cable Entry Clamps Location 16 (eight left, eight right)
Recommended Jumper Length Four meters, plus two meters for each additional frame
Splitter Location Within Clearview Cassette
Material Stainless steel with almond powder coating

Features & Benefits


  • Increased port density 2016 versus 1728
  • In-cassette buffer tube storage
  • Modular Building Block/assembly with smart-fasteners
  • Tool-less cassette deployment (Slide into rails)
  • W-shape intrabay route scheme
  • Interbay route path with fold down door
  • Front only access (can still be used with rear access)


  • One frame size accommodates up to 2,016 ports or 4,032 ports when back-to-back
  • Supports all industry standard singlemode and multimode connectors
  • 100% performance tested for insertion loss, return loss and final mechanical inspect
  • Supports distribution, tight-buffer and ribbon fiber types for inside and outside plant constructions


  • Full length doors provide instant visual and physical access to the entire frame when opened and complete physical fiber protection when closed
  • Complete bend-radius protection throughout all routing schemes
  • Diverse route-paths minimize cable pile-up and ensure long term reliability of circuits
  • Integrated “w-shaped” intrabay route scheme does not compete with adjacent frames and maximizes proper slack storage of any jumper length, greatly reducing the chance of jumper tie-in or weaving (4 meters suggested)
  • Radius protected storage for up to 10 feet of buffer tube slack provided in Clearview Blue Cassette


  • FxHD is front access only to ensure maximum accessibility to achieve 2016 SC terminations or 4032 in a back-to-back frame system
  • Top entry/exit through horizontal fiber trough and bottom entry through raised floors supported front and rear of frame
  • Fold-down trough door allows complete access to interbay lay-in routing for 6,000 jumpers (3,000 left and 3,000 right) through the frame and adjacent frames
  • A four meter jumper can get you from any port to any ports
  • Supports SmartRoute rear interbay troughing route-paths
  • Uses Clearview Blue Cassette front access with removable 12-pack adapter plate allowing quick and easy access to back of adapters for troubleshooting, maintenance and cleaning without disturbing live circuits in other cassettes


  • Fully loaded or “grow-as-you-go” integration allows the user choices to provide for cost containment as subscriber take-rates dictate
  • Compatible alongside current generation FxDS frame line up as well as traditional 19” or 23” frame solutions
  • Pre-configured/pre-loaded factory terminated assemblies
  • Pre-configured/pre-loaded factory terminated assemblies
  • Custom configured with standard building blocks supporting all application environments
  • Patch and splice, patch only and plug-and-play configurations supported