FieldSmart FxDS Interbay Cable Management Panel

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Product Details

Interbay cable management is part of an overall fiber management system that includes frames and troughs. In addition to incremental slack take-up, the interbay provides a routepath between frames. Interbay cable management panels are ordered to match the height of the frame and are available in 7’ (2133.60 mm), 8’ (2438.40 mm) and 9’ (2743.20 mm) versions. End guards are available for the end of a line up to minimize potential damage to jumpers. Interbay cable management is suggested for all fiber applications. Clearfield’s recommendation is to mount one interbay on both sides of each frame and place an interbay with end guard on each end of the lineup.

Technical Specifications

Width Height
5” (127.00 mm) 7’ (2133.60 mm)
5” (127.00 mm) 8’ (2438.40 mm)
5” (127.00 mm) 9’ (2743.20 mm)