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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re watching the same awards show over and over again? The dialogue is on a continual loop. Only the fashions change.

It seems that the inanities really start to flow around December and don’t stop until early March. I’m not blaming the celebrities, necessarily. After all, they are barraged with the same red carpet questions over and over again.

  • Who are you wearing?
  • How many dresses did you try on before deciding on this one?
  • Where will you keep your award if you win?
  • What was it like working with (INSERT COSTAR HERE)?

Once in a great while, we get that outrageously forthright celebrity who tells the truth.

  • “I don’t know whose dress I’m wearing, but it sure is uncomfortable.”
  • “Clearly, I should have tried on at least one more dress, don’t you think?”
  • “The trunk of my car is full of these silly tchotchkes.”
  • “I’d love to tell you what (HE/SHE) was like to work with, but I’m afraid I’d be sued.”

This frank individual is either an untouchable at the top of his/her career (see Jack Nicholson), or someone barreling down the backside of Star Mountain. They’re rare, but I do enjoy those startling moments of candor.

I’m not suggesting that people should let loose with career-ending diatribes. Rather, be memorable. Be unexpected. Speak your truth in a way that will make people go, “Hmmm.”

I guarantee you that we’ll be thinking about you, and talking about you long after the end of awards season.