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The vast and varied world of technology can be overwhelming if not kept in perspective. At Clearfield, we take product innovation very seriously. And sometimes that means having some serious fun.

We know that product innovation requires a series of steps. Each step involves multiple parties and departments that push and pull against each other to bring new technology to market:

• Some want cool, never-before-seen features.
• Some advocate for a specific price point.
• Others are adamant about a drop-dead-deadline that must be met.

All parties want what is best for the customer, but the checks and balances put forward by each department or individual can frustrate the other. In an effort to bring about the best holistic product in the end, the conflicts that result can start to de-personalize the participants. Clearly, we had to do something to ensure that this process stays positive and productive. In other words: to keep it fresh.

So, Clearfield COO Johnny Hill launched “Smart Guys Weekend.” On an annual basis, team members from Engineering, Procurement, and Product Management all meet for a weekend of fishing, camping and just hanging out as a bunch of guys. (Sales representatives, with rare exception, are not allowed.)

Almost magically, everyone walks away from the weekend with a skip in their step and a smile on their faces. Above all, they return to civilization with a recognition that they’re all still members of the same team.

Come Monday, we can bring that new product to market a little faster, at a little lower price point and with even greater features. And, while we’re always pleased with the contribution, we’re seldom satisfied that we’ve done our absolute best. So it’s back to the drawing board with renewed vigor.

That’s how we keep it fresh.