Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

In life there are wants and there are needs.  I’m always looking for more cars, guns and gold.  Do I need more cars?  I don’t think so, 5 is probably enough.  With 50 guns in the safe, I think my firepower is sufficient.  There comes a point in life when we have enough of what we want.

This year has been a rough one financially for my cousin.  She lives in northern Minnesota with her 4 year old twin girls.  Winters in the North Country can be pretty brutal.  Snow and temperatures to 30 below zero, she’s never had a garage to keep her car in.  This summer, my uncle and I decided we would pitch in together and build her one.  The concrete floor is in and we are going to start framing next week.  We will get it done before the snow flys this fall.  She needs a warm and dry place to park her car more than I need that new Ruger SR1911 or that Corvette for sale I see parked along the road in southern Minnesota.

When it comes to fiber management there are some absolute needs.  Protection and easy –safe access are essential.  The components need to be quality, reliable and scalable.  When choosing product for your fiber network, these are the things that should drive your selection.  These are the features that you need.

When it comes to relatives, family helps family in need.  If you decide our fiber products are right for your network, we will happily welcome you into the Clearfield clan.

By: Jim Pilgrim