Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

By Jim Pilgrim

I’ve got a cigar lit and a hot cup of coffee in my cup holder. Driving through Iowa like I’ve done a hundred times before. But this day in January I’m fighting my way through a thick blanket of fog. It’s hard to see more than a few hundred yards ahead. Got my cruise set on 70 and I can’t see what’s over that next hill. Maybe a semi pulled over to the side of the road? Or one of those infamous Iowa State Troopers?

I’ve got to believe this is the way many Communication providers feel these days. Is there a wireless carrier up ahead looking to throw up some antennas on the street lights in my town trying to steal customers? Is that cable company doing node splits, or looking at RFoG or GPON? What new government rules and regulations are on the horizon?

One thing I know for sure, at 70 mph that next hill is coming up fast.

I better put this cigar out and pay attention to the road ahead.