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Yesterday, I took my daughter on a college visit. As a high school senior, like millions of other students like her, she is struggling with knowing what institution of higher learning will be the right fit. We’ve been to numerous campuses throughout the Midwest, colleges large and small, public and private. She has it narrowed down to three.

Education is highly important. As CEO of Coca Cola Enterprises, Summerfield Johnston, Jr.  said, “Education will prepare you for anything in life.” He went on to say, “Honesty is one of the primary and necessary ingredients.” But I think how he ended his comments is the most insightful: “And a sincere love of what you’re doing is the fuel that makes it all run.”

So, I’ve told my daughter to value her education and to choose carefully and wisely. But to be successful at college and eventually her career, it will mean less about where she goes to school, than “how” she conducts her studies and work life. Above all else, it’s about being honest. For, at the end of the day, if you don’t love what you’re doing, it won’t matter. 

While I go to tradeshows to introduce prospects and clients to our product line, a side benefit is the chance to spend some time with members of the Clearfield employee community that are based in the field. At one such tradeshow this fall, unsolicited, an employee told me, “Cheri, I’m not just blowing smoke – but I can’t image ever working anywhere other than Clearfield. This is just so much #@% fun!” 

I hope you love what you’re doing just as much.