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I periodically get asked the question – do you have a panel that can handle 864 or 1,728 fibers? These cable counts are getting more and more popular with networks like 5G fronthaul and active ethernet FTTH. There are even new spider/rollable ribbon cables that have 3,456 fibers under one jacket.

Well, I am not aware of a single panel in the industry that can terminate that many fibers (unless you want to use Multifiber MPO connectors). If you plan on using discrete connectors like LC or SC, you are going to have to route that single cable into several different panels if you are splicing on-frame. If you are splicing off frame in a fiber entrance cabinet PLEASE give me a call, because we can save you considerable time, money, and space in your CO by splicing on frame using Clearfield® Cassettes.

Clearfield’s high-density breakout box will allow you to splice those high-count fibers on-frame while protecting your ribbons or rolled ribbon cable.

The concept of the high-density breakout box is that after removing the desired amount of black OSP jacket, the ribbons or rolled ribbon fibers are fed into the top of the box, and inside the box the groups of ribbons are routed through separate corrugated tubing legs to separate panels. For example, if you are using an 864-fiber ribbon cable, you can route 288 fibers (24 x 12 Fiber Ribbons) down three separate legs. Each of these legs will be routed to a 288-count patch panel loaded with patch and splice cassettes for on frame splicing. If you are using a 1,728 cable, the breakout box has six exit holes which will allow you to have six legs coming out of the bottom of the box to six separate 288 fiber panels. The box can be mounted on the rear of the frame and is made of plastic. It can easily be drilled out to mount in any frame environment. The box comes with a roll of corrugated tubing which can be used to create custom length legs based on the application.

Next time you need to terminate one of these high fiber count cables, consider splicing on-frame using a breakout box and FieldSmart FxMP Patch and Splice Panels from Clearfield. If you are able to use LC connectors, we can terminate that 864-count fiber cable in just 18 inches of rack space.

By Tom Warren

For about 20 years, Tom Warren has worked with Clearfield in the engineering world of telecommunications. As a Clearfield Sales Engineer, Tom provides support to carrier customers and OEMs. Tom’s expertise includes in-depth knowledge of WDMs, FTTx, Small Cell and DAS Fiber applications.