Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

By Jim Pilgrim

Yes, many of us who have been in the Telecommunications Industry since “before fiber optics” often look at what our industry is doing now as simply amazing. Yes, there are some of us who remember when the only thing glass in the network were the insulators on the cross arms! The young IT-IP Gurus involved in telecom today probably wonder what we’re talking about but that’s ok. It just shows how “simply amazing” our industry was, is, and likely will continue to be. It’s still exciting for us to learn about the ‘next step’ new technologies and see them shaken out, pressed down, and then deployed in a leap frog manner that seems to always result in larger bandwidth pipes delivering our basic communications services along with a whole new slew of options. Today, those ‘basic services’ include voice, data, and video = VoIP, V/DSL 1-50 mb/s, HD/3D, Over the Top (OTT), and now we even have “MI-FI” so we can bring those services along with us via our very own “hot spots” — to wherever we are within range of cell towers. Pretty COOL stuff!

Well, my fellow industry colleagues, I trust you’re all still enjoying your telecom journey and I hope to see you all along the TELECOM TRAIL once again in the near future!