Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

If you’ve ever sat in an airport and watched planes take off and land, you’ve probably reached the same conclusion as I have. For it all to work, a plan must be made to efficiently move those planes from one place to another; one continent, one city, one airport to another. It’s all about moving something (in this case, people) from here to there. If it cannot be done in a cost-effective manner and done very efficiently, the whole thing falls apart.

It’s really the same in a network. Broadband networks architectures are as diverse as different airports. They all operate in a similar manner, but they are themselves very distinct. Fortunately for the network designer, there is a platform that allows different designs to use common components. YOURx™ is that platform.

An airport doesn’t allow just one type of plane, does it? Big jets, little jets, single-engine planes all have different needs when it comes to providing service. The common thread is they all need to come and go in a smooth and organized fashion. It’s the same with YOURx.

What makes a product a YOURx product?

Every YOURx product has a FlexPort. A FlexPort accepts a choice of multiple drop cable options—YOURx equals your choice. In fact, all of the Clearfield® FieldShield® drop cables and microducts…regardless of their type…connect to all YOURx access products, providing multimedia, same-port connectivity…the first of its kind.

The FlexPort allows the designer to choose the drop or cable solution that works best in their environment. This common connection point accepts multiple drop cable types, even within the same YOURx product. This is what sets it apart from anything else on the market today.

Latest addition to the YOURx family

Since I am talking about being up in the air, let me introduce you to our newest addition to the YOURx family: the YOURx-Aerial Terminal. With this innovative product, you get all the benefits of the YOURx platform packaged in a strand-mounted aerial enclosure. It allows you to mid-span a cable and has the capacity to hold 3 splice trays, each capable of either 24 loose tube splices, or 72 ribbon splices along with plenty of room for slack storage. And of course, it accepts all the FieldShield drop cable assemblies too. That’s almost like getting a first-class upgrade!

So whether you’re looking for a low-cost, ruggedized, one pass or even a restorable platform, YOURx can accommodate it. If you need to mix them up…YOURx can do that too. What’s great about this platform is that it takes the worry of combining solutions out of the equation. If you’re looking for a very flexible platform for your network build, please contact us. It’s like flying with perfect takeoffs and landings and never having a delayed flight…just imagine that!

By Scot BohaychykScot Bohaychyk

Scot Bohaychyk, Senior Applications Engineer in Clearfield’s Carrier Group, has nearly 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Scot’s background includes serving in The White House Communications Agency, providing communications infrastructure support for then-President Ronald Reagan and his White House staff. Scot’s private sector experience includes OSP field and engineering experience, as well as market development and sales work in the fields of blown and pushable fiber for long-haul fiber installations—both in the United States and overseas.