Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

“An unsurpassable degree of accuracy or excellence” – I took this from Webster.

This is something that those who are driven strive for. I have come to realize that as humans, we either secretly or publicly strive to become perfect. And if we put our minds to it, we can get as close as earthly possible to that elusive word.

I was asked by someone recently why we chose to change the Clearview Cassette. Perfection…that’s it! We strive to take something that has been successful, and make it even better. We created, through some hard work, tough meetings and multiple changes in design, the Clearview Blue.

What is the Clearview Blue?  It is a collaborative effort by a number of people, sprinkled with feedback from our customers, and some plain old commonsense. It’s a result of these elements coming together into a product that we here at Clearfield think will approach perfection. With the help of our customers and “smart guys”, I think we reached a point that it will answer the needs that you, the customer, are asking for.

We are not so naïve that we think we will always get things right the first time, but we certainly will give it our best shot and always strive for that elusive prize…perfection.

By Scot Bohaychyk