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Here in Minnesota, we get excited when the Twins report for spring training. This can only mean that our long winter of discontent (weather-wise, that is) will be over soon. Granted, the Twins spring training camp is in Fort Meyers, Florida (and it hasn’t been above the freezing mark in Minnesota in over a week), so this is as much of an indicator of an imminent spring as that groundhog seeing his shadow. Still, it’s nice to know that change is coming.

Minnesota winters can be challenging. Experiencing these extreme temperatures and snowfalls firsthand is what drove our innovation of products that can withstand extreme cold and heat (and everything in between). What’s the old adage? “Necessity is the motherhood of innovation.”

We’re proud of our innovative chops. In fact, we were just profiled in FierceTelecom under the headline The Contenders: Wireline companies challenging the status quo and poised for success.” The writer cited our clear mission, market focus and product innovation.

The story also notes that the positioning of our new FieldShield module could be a game-changer for FTTT (fiber to the tower) deployments. I thought that the language FierceTelecom used was particularly fitting for this month’s sports-related blog theme. “The Contenders…are either giving the leaders in their segment a run for their money , are setting the pace for a segment or are driving innovation forward .”

I couldn’t agree more.

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