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It’s here NOW…so start your engines!

The famous record setting “Winter of 2013/14” will soon be remembered for its severe cold, blizzards and snow pile up across this great nation. Studded tires must come off April 1st.

Telecommunication service providers, fresh with annual budgets, are starting their fiber construction season soon. With the advent of Daylight Savings Time on March 9, 2014, my biorhythm was jogged into feeling the lack of 1 hour less of sleep (5 hours instead of my typical 6 hours). However, I already sense that the lengthening daylight hours – earlier sunrise and later sunset – are reinvigorating my outlook after the long dark winter days and nights of typical semi-hibernation winter syndrome. This is typical here in the Northwest…and for that matter anywhere near or north of the 49th parallel. Well, good news is here! Our beautiful Washington State Cherry Tree pink blossoms are budding, with their pink petals letting us know that spring is arriving.


It’s good to know that Clearfield will soon feel the annual construction uptick and has consequently been busy all winter long preparing new innovative fiber management solutions for you!

As you start your construction year, we invite you to visit the website and check out our new product introduction that will serve your FTTx fiber construction year.

Definitely a powerful duo designed to maximize your precious budget and speed up your fiber network time to market deployments. Contact Clearfield now so we can spring into action and bring a demo to you and your team NOW!

By Jon Anderson