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It was the second Saturday and final weekend of the Minnesota Firearm deer season.  Adam and I are standing in my garage at 5:30 AM watching the rain pour off the roof. It’s 35 degrees with a cold east wind. The 4 other members of our hunting party got their bucks last weekend and are sleeping comfortably in a warm bed. Although neither one of us said anything, I think we both were re-thinking passing up so many deer last week and waiting for that trophy.

By noon, the downpour had diminished to a drizzle, but that east wind was pushing it sideways. We both had opportunities that afternoon to end the discomfort by harvesting small bucks but we held to our strategy. At 4:00 PM, Adam took a “monster buck”. The enormous antlers held 15 pts, the base of them measured 8” around and will easily qualify for the Boone and Crockett record book. 

In less than ideal conditions, we showed up. Although I never fired a shot, it was one of the most memorable seasons of my 43 years of hunting.

One of my best friends and a former co-worker for 12 years once told me about something his dad had told him back in the 1970s when he first started working for Northwestern Bell. His dad told him, “Show up for work every day, do your job and you will succeed.” Thank you Mr. Astuto. Although your simple advice and wisdom came to me second-hand through your son, it has served me well over the years. 

To succeed, the first step is to be there. Show up with your head and heart, even when the conditions are less than desirable. Take that first critical step – just show up and you will be closer to success than you think.

 By Jim Pilgrim