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By Gordy Spray

A few weeks ago my wife brought the family vehicle in for repairs. There were several items we wanted checked out so when the garage called back with an estimate we braced ourselves for what we thought would be a hefty repair bill. The list ends up being pretty long and includes manifold seals, some work on the cooling system and front brakes. They said the rear brakes were fine and didn’t need to be replaced. Total tab: about $1200.

We had the vehicle back for just a few days when we started hearing noise from the rear brakes. I’m thinking great, we’re going to be in for another tidy little repair bill. So I take the van back to the shop and politely explain the situation to the manager. He had it looked at and sure enough the rear brakes need the full deal – pads, drums, etc. “Ok, how much” I ask, thinking he’s going to part me from the money I had stashed for new golf clubs. He tells me normally about $400 but since they missed it, and it’s inexcusable, they will do parts and labor for free. Better yet they will do it immediately. Amazing!! I express my surprise and gratitude and inform the manager we will be coming to them for all our future auto repair needs.

Now I don’t know what the margin is on a $400 brake job, but I’m pretty certain he’ll make it all back and then some with our future business and referrals.

We’re all human and making a mistake, is well – human. But what separates one set of humans from another, is the willingness to take responsibility for it. Like any company, Clearfield’s made a mistake or two along the way, but I’ve been proud to see our customers treated like I was at that auto repair shop – with service and a smile.