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I started seeing flashing (Road Condition) signs in Nevada. “Interstate 80 closed at Hardin, Wyoming”. That was 400 miles east of where I was and I thought by the time I got there it would be open. The weather was great where I was and that crisp blue sky gave no hint that there was any trouble ahead.

The next day, I was closing in on Hardin. It was still closed but a detour was posted. It was a two lane highway that cut NE through the mountains of Wyoming. When I got to the last open exit on eastbound I-80, the tractor-trailers were backed up for half a mile. When you squeeze interstate traffic onto a two lane mountain road, you have the true definition of a bottleneck. It wasn’t going to be easy or fast but at least I was making progress to my destination.

“You can’t get there from here” is not in my vocabulary. There is always a way.

A few weeks ago, my youngest daughter asked me, “Dad, what exactly do you do at Clearfield?” I thought for a moment and told her, “I help my customers overcome obstacles and find solutions.” When you boil it down to its simplest elements, that’s what I do.

Together, we will find ways to get around roadblocks. It’s not always easy, but there is always a way.

By Jim Pilgrim