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It feels like I’ve heard this announcement a thousand times:

“Ladies and gentlemen: We are experiencing some turbulence. Please return to your seats and securely fasten your seat belts until the captain has turned off the seat belt sign.”

If you’ve traveled, you’ve probably heard this announcement too. Some people get anxiety, some feel fear….me? I’m so used to it that I just hope my coffee doesn’t spill.

What does “turbulence” mean? It means that your airplane will encounter a rough patch of air and life for all its occupants will get a little bumpy. One nice thing about airplane turbulence is that the pilots normally see it coming and warn passengers that they need to prepare for it.

Life as a broadband provider is vastly different. The provider often cannot see the turbulence until it is right there. This is especially true with the 5G “hyper-densification” push. Realizing that an enormous amount of site builds is needed to get the coverage required for a true 5G experience is making waves all through the broadband world. The industry must deploy high-quality small cells, both indoors and outdoors, in a cost-effective and adaptable manner. This 5G turbulence is not limited to telcos anymore. Many cable TV (CATV) providers, Public Utility Districts (PUDs) and wireless providers offering broadband also face the headwinds of the 5G push.

Latency issues, network component failures, natural disasters and outside interferences impact the network in ways that cannot be controlled. That’s where a manufacturing partner can help. We at Clearfield® take great pride in our stringent testing and knowing our products perform-even under the worst conditions. We partner with our customers not just at the time of sale, but also offer our application engineering team (with over 300 years of combined experience) to our customers to ensure that our products perform like they should…even if unexpected events (“network turbulence”) occur.

To better prepare before 5G network turbulence upends you, Clearfield has resources at your disposal. Start with our wireless page and see what we offer for distributed antenna systems (DAS) and small cell wireless environments. Download wireless product application examples plus whitepapers on 5G Fronthaul and 5G Fiber Termination Issues and Solutions.

We’ve also got some great videos on our DAS product platform, U.S. Bank Stadium DAS deployment and Fiber to the 5G Antenna.

Whether you’re a traditional telco, CATV, PUD or wireless provider, you can be confident that with Clearfield on board, you’ll avoid the turbulence of the 5G storm and enjoy a smooth experience through your network deployments.

If you want to know more about our wireless and 5G solutions, reach out to Clearfield. We’re happy to help.

By Scot Bohaychyk

Scot Bohaychyk—Manager, Product Marketing—has over 30 years in the telecommunications industry. Scot’s background includes serving in The White House Communications Agency, providing communications infrastructure support. Scot’s private sector experience includes OSP field and engineering experience, as well as market development and sales work in the fields of blown and pushable fiber for long-haul fiber installations—both in the United States and overseas.