Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

What a concept!

Have you ever been able to complete a project with just one trip to the hardware store? It might be just me but I usually end up making several trips. On the first trip, I usually pick up all the things that I think I will need for the project. Once I get home and start in on the work, I realize that the project is a little more complex than originally planned and I need a couple more items. So back to the store I go. After the project is over, I usually have some left over items that I need to bring back because I bought too many of something. What a waste of my time.

If this is the way things usually go for you then I think you will see the value in how Clearfield does business. Take for example the Clearview xPAK. This is a fiber termination cassette that contains everything you will ever need to splice up to six fibers. It even has the splice sleeves and zip ties! No more second trip to the shop when trying to install fiber at a customer site because you forgot some little consumable item.

Another way Clearfield tries to make things convenient is by including all of the cable clamp sizes in our panels and wall boxes. You don’t need to know what size cable you are working with ahead of time. If someone decided to switch the type of cable for the project, you would not be slowed down by having to order new clamps. The Clearfield Cabinets also come with multiple grommet sizes for our cable entry hardware. Just pick the right size and you can use any cable size you want.

Plan your next project with Clearfield and we may save you a couple of trips.

By: Tom Warren – Application Engineer