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Many of us get up before sunrise and set off to work with people to accomplish a goal or produce something. What we don’t realize is that we spend more waking hours with the people that we work with than our own family. This makes our co-workers a type of “second family”. That’s why we should be teaching our children that it isn’t all about how much money you make. What’s more important is that you like what you do and the people that you work with.

Let’s say a person makes six figures but dislikes the people that he works with and the type of work he does, the result is being unhappy for a large portion of your life. That unhappiness is carried over to the family where complaining about the job is done over the dinner table.

Money can’t buy happiness. So, make sure you work with people that share the same dream as you, and life will be very rewarding and happy. This is the path I’ve chosen and I could not be more happy.

By: Brian Schrand – Applications Engineer Manager