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I’m reminded about a small, inspirational film called “October Sky.”* This 1999 biographical movie is based on NASA Engineer Homer Hickam’s true story “Rocket Boys.” It’s about a couple of inventive boys who are inspired by the Sputnik-fueled space race and decide to build their own rocket. Despite growing up in the austerity of a coal mining town, they saw beyond their meager existences and literally reached for the stars.

I am drawn to stories about people who defy the naysayers and follow their passions. We are surrounded by people who will give us countless reasons why something won’t work. Negativity is typically the easiest and safest path. I am in awe of the brave few who take the more difficult path. The one that’s littered with failed attempts.

Those are the heroes about which movies are made.

* “October Sky” is an anagram for “Rocket Boys.” The studio changed the name because they didn’t think women would see a movie with “Rocket” in the title. (In my case, they were certainly wrong about that.)