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Grateful. It’s an easy term to throw around at Thanksgiving time, but a difficult emotion to embrace all year long.

Not to get too sappy -- and not to use my blog forum to get too personal -- but I just wanted to take a minute to let my hubby know how grateful I am to have him as my partner.  The last month has been very hectic. An illness in the family threw our schedule out the window, while a great opportunity here at Clearfield had me working long hours. My husband, who is the Chief Information and Security Officer for an investment firm, has a demanding job.  But many times this November, in addition to meeting the demands of his position, he was picking up the slack at home.  Several times, I came home after 9 pm to see a glass of wine already poured for me, and a luscious homemade meal waiting.

He’s a good person – and he’s had good teachers on marriage. His parents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary Thanksgiving Day! What a wonderful day for an anniversary!

I’m one lucky and GRATEFUL lady.  Here’s a shout-out to:

  • All of my friends and family for their love and friendship.
  • Clearfield employees who, together, are making a great company.
  • Our suppliers who work with us for industry-leading, on-time delivery.
  • Our customers, who have recognized how our solutions can save them time and money in installation and on-going operation. 

Gratefulness . Let’s all take a minute to say thank you this week. And let’s work 365 days a year to remember to not take anyone or anything for granted.