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Ninja 2

Last week, I introduced the book “ Ninja Innovation .” Author Gary Shapiro writes that the romantic image of a Ninja was that of a lone warrior, operating in stealth mode. But historical records show that they operated in teams – like a Navy Seal. 

Successful companies are organized into strike forces – groups of people who play to each individual’s strengths.

At Clearfield, we are a very eclectic group of people. While we share common values, stemming from listening to our customers and collaborating with each other to deliver what our clients seek, our strengths are wide and varied. We wouldn’t be able to meet the needs of our vast and varied stakeholders without the vast and varied people that comprise Clearfield.

Without the brilliant minds of our design team, without the perseverance of our sales organization or without the dedication to quality and efficiency of the manufacturing group, we would not be the strikingly synchronistic strike force we are.

This brings me to my question: In your companies, do you recruit to fill a mold or do you welcome diversity of intellect and charm?