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There’s no need to play the game by the rules defined by your competition.

Have you ever played a board game with a quick-witted six year old and found that some of the rules changed as the game progressed – to better improve the odds of the child’s success in winning?   When challenged about the foul play, the youngster may push back, demonstrating his frustration with being the underdog in the situation. Yet, usually a calm, direct approach is all that necessary to inform this young person of the importance of fair play – and that cheating is never acceptable.

At Clearfield, we know a little something about being the underdog. And, at Clearfield, we never, EVER, cheat.  Ethics, integrity and a value-driven approach is the core around which every Clearfield decision is based.  Yet, every Clearfield employee has heard me say, “There’s no need to play the game by the rules defined by our competition.” So what do I mean by that? It’s simple. We challenge the naysayers’ credo, “It can’t be done that way,” with a resounding “Why not?”

You’d be amazed what can be done by replacing a negative or guarded response with a well-placed “Why not?”  Whether you’re playing a game of Chutes & Ladders or bidding on a proposal that could change the trajectory of your business, it could make all the difference.

Sound too simple? Look at Apple . Their approach to technology is predicated on simplicity. They literally changed history by asking the question, “Why not make personal technology simple?” And, while simpler is not always easier – because it can initially require more time, expense and energy by the creator – the rewards can be exponentially so much greater. (Earlier this month, you may have heard about another epic success with the introduction of the iPhone 5). Clearly, here’s a company that wrote its own rules and invited everyone to play.

Why not?