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If you are one of those travelers like me, you can probably relate to this thought: The loneliest walk you can have is from the plane through the terminal and to your car.

If you ever notice at airports, there is this throng of people somewhere around the place you exit the secure part of the terminal and baggage claim. Wives, husbands, friends, parents and all other sorts of people welcoming home their traveler from their trip.  Unless, of course, you are a business traveler like me.

Most of us “road warriors” find it more convenient to just park a car at the airport instead of having a loved one pick us up when we land. The point of this is to minimize the problems that arise from delays, cancellations and missed flights. We don’t want our significant other or family to have to wait on us when we might be hours late.

One of the greatest welcomes I have been privileged to witness was in the Atlanta terminal. A group of soldiers were returning home from a deployment. There was a group of people waiting on these soldiers to exit security – what happened next was truly amazing. The crowd of people burst into cheers and applause. There were tears, hugs and kisses all around! It was an amazing sight!

The downside of being a business traveler is that walk from the plane to the baggage claim…one of the loneliest walks on the planet. I notice when I am coming toward baggage claim that there are many people with looks of anticipation just waiting on that loved one to come around the corner and get that much anticipated welcoming hug and kiss.

I see it all the time…just not for me. We make that walk week after week, make our way to baggage claim, get our bags and head for our car. We never get that hug and kiss, but we do it again the next week.

Business is a lot like that. You, as a customer, may feel that after the sale, you are like that business traveler…just going along, doing what you do without any notice from the company that sold you the product. Well, here at Clearfield we won’t let you pass by. We are there to make sure that you feel taken care of even after the sale. Maybe we are not clapping and cheering, but we will certainly make sure you are taken care of to the very best of our ability.

So if your current provider or supplier is not showing you that kind of support, give Clearfield a call. We will make sure you feel confident and secure in your purchase of our products. And if you happen to see me in the airport, say hi…It makes me feel good!

By Scot Bohaychyk