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Living in Minnesota, you quickly learn about the seasons. People here laugh and say there’s really only two seasons—winter and construction season. You really can’t appreciate the wisdom of that unless you’ve been stuck in traffic on a detour-laden rerouted 8-lane highway in May. The winter of 2018 included the most April snowfall and the coldest April on record in Minneapolis. So I, for one, am personally ecstatic to roll out the welcome mat for the next season. But I think the locals may have it wrong. The two seasons aren’t winter and construction. We may not be able to get around the winter season but what follows winter? Trade show season!

This year the biggest fiber trade show of the year kicks off the trade show season at beginning of June in Nashville. Ah yes! Nashville! Music City! The warm southern breezes are the home of some of country music’s biggest stars and in a few days, the fiber industry’s brightest stars will be taking the stage to educate, promote, and mingle with network operators and service providers rolling out fiber. Expect to hear about new products and walk the exhibition floor to experience the latest additions from vendors like Clearfield®.

Clearfield is proud to be a leader in the fiber to the anywhere domain. This year, we invite attendees to visit our trade show booth to experience FieldShield® Pushable Optical Fiber—that when used with FieldShield Microduct—can turn your brownfield green with customer revenue. The FieldShield system of fiber protection and fiber delivery, coupled with Clearfield's YOURx™ platform, provide a unique solution.

Come by our booth #1209 on the Fiber Connect show floor to see how using FieldShield and YOURx in a Single Family Unit (SFU) deployment with a cascading 12-count MPO eliminates the need to pull multiple drop fibers through a single conduit back to a single splice point. Today, service providers place pull boxes in the field as a point of entry and exit for feeder and drop fibers. Using FieldShield and YOURx is the only fiber drop solution that supports pre-connectorized flat drop and solves the problem with fiber cable slack storage.

In Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) deployments, FieldShield and YOURx cuts prep time and splice labor in half for in-building fiber drops. FieldShield used with the YOURx platform is the only fiber drop solution on the market that protects 100% of the fiber connection. Come by the Clearfield booth and experience this solution for yourself.

Trade show season is here. The time to travel to warm places, see new technology, meet your customers and network with your peers is upon us. Roll out the welcome mat. Bring on the trade shows. But know this…

Winter is coming!!

By Kevin Morgan

Kevin Morgan is Chief Marketing Officer of Clearfield, Inc., the preferred supplier specialist in fiber management and connectivity platforms for communication service providers. He has vast experience in communications technology, fiber optic systems and business product marketing. Kevin began his career at BellSouth (now AT&T) leading product evaluations of broadband technologies. Later, at ADTRAN, he led product management and marketing. He is well known in the industry for his roles at the Fiber Broadband Association and was recently elected Chair-Elect on the board of directors for 2018. He holds a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering (Auburn) and an MBA (Alabama). Kevin can be reached at and on Twitter @kevinmorgan520.