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Back in the day, back-to-school for adults (otherwise known as professional development or continuing education) usually meant physically attending a course or seminar at an offsite location. Now, of course, your internet connection immediately connects you to a world of learning.

You have to be selective about your online learning. Anybody with a modem and a notion can create a blog. (I’m certainly an example of that.) Yet, my mind is expanded every day from even the quickest web cruise.

For example, I ran across a Fast Company piece by Francine Hardway entitled “Five Lessons Every Startup Founder Should Learn.” She made some excellent points, but the two that stood out for me were:

1)      Your biggest competitor is inertia.

2)      Changing behavior is difficult and arduous.

Ms. Hardway said that most people are risk-averse. She explained, “They’d rather do nothing, if it’s familiar, than try something new.” She also cautioned, “If you are doing something that involves making people change habits, be prepared for a slow uptake, even though potential customers will admit they need a change.”

I agree. But I also know that it’s the early adopters and risk takers who truly alter the landscape of our lives. At Clearfield, we’ve plowed a lot of new ground in the fiber management world. We’ve asked our customers, employees and other constituents to take the leap of faith with us. Of course, the leaps we’ve made were based on years of solid research and technological know-how. These leaps have moved us forward – and we’re excited about the continuing adventure in front of us.

With each new venture, we’ve learned a lot. As we all know, there’s no better school than actual experience. We get schooled every day by the people we meet and the chances we take. The key is to grow from these lessons and keep moving forward.

That’s what life-long learning is all about.

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