Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

If you have ever flown, you know what a jet way is. For those who haven’t, it is the device that they drive up next to the plane that allows passengers to walk, protected from the elements, from the plane to the airport.

Jet ways really serve two purposes. The first is to get passengers from one place to another. (For example, the plane to the airport or vice versa, depending on whether you are coming or going). The second purpose is to protect passengers from weather, noise and random falling objects.

Clearfield products are like the jet ways of the data world.

Take the Clearview Cassette for instance, it can be deployed inside or outside (it can be the plane or the airport). Both are safe places to be and to stay for a while, and both are good places to store and use your fiber.

Connecting the inside to the outside are Clearfield’s FieldShield products. The FieldShield Microduct connects the inside and outside with some very good protection built right in (like the jet way). The FieldShield fiber products are what are passing through (similar to passengers). That is really what it is about: getting what you need from one place to the other, in the most effective way, while keeping it (fiber or passengers) protected.

So if you value your network, want it to pass data in a very efficient way AND be protected, simply look for your nearest Clearfield representative and ask them how they can help. I think you might start looking at things a little differently.

Just don’t look up…there might be birds up there.

By: Scot Bohaychyk – Product Marketing/New Markets