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We are nearing the end of our month of “Quotable Quotes.” It’s not over yet, though.  And this brings me to another of my favorite phrases. This one is by writer Nancy Thayer: “It’s never too late – in fiction or in life – to revise.”

That is so true. Yet it’s so hard for so many. We tend to be creatures of habit. Even when we’re doing something we don’t like or something that isn’t particularly good for us, we tend to stay the course. This can make for an unsatisfying existence, to say the least. (My yo-yo dieting is a prime example.)

Whether it’s your career, a relationship, your health or almost any other issue, it’s never too late to make a change.

I went online to see if there was a good how-to tutorial on affecting this kind of change. Sure enough, on Wiki How, there’s a step by step guideline on “How to Recreate Your Life.” Here are the top-line highlights:

  1. Take an Inventory of Your Life as It Is Now 
    –  Write down exactly what’s wrong with your life.
    –  Decide what you would change if no obstacles stood in your way.
    –  Notice what is working about your life.
  2. Harness the Power of Intention
    –  Write down the changes that you want to make.
    –  Choose one activity for each change that you can complete within the next 48 hours.
    –  Make a list of core values.
  3. Demonstrate Integrity
    –  Identify and accept your feelings.
    –  Make your speech consistent with your feelings.
    –  Practice what you preach.
    –  Maintain your standards.
    –  Repair your past.
  4. Articulate Your Dreams
    –  Share your vision for your new life with other people.
    –  Take steps toward achieving your goals.
    –  Stay committed.
  5. Associate with Supportive and Inspiring People
    –  Find one person who believes in you and in your dreams.
    –  Seek a larger circle of people who are like-minded.
    –  Meet inspirational people.
    –  Spend less time with negative people.

There’s some good common sense advice here on how to change your life for the better. I truly believe that it’s never too late to do it. Just, do it now.

To read the full version of the “How to Recreate Your Life” guide, go to