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I’m happy to introduce Liolios , Clearfield’s new investor relations firm based in Newport Beach, California.

We chose this group after careful consideration of a number of firms across the country. They fit our profile perfectly. (They’re technologists, with strong relationships to our target analysts and shareholder communities.)

Up to this point, we have handled the execution of of our IR strategy ourselves. Now, with Liolios’ guidance, we are taking a more active role in telling our story to a broader audience.

FTTP is a huge market that is growing every day. Liolios will help carry our unique story and value proposition to the shareholder community. They will help us uphold our commitment to transparency, while shining a beacon on Clearfield’s positive trend lines.

Our history is long, and our story going forward will be even longer. (You simply can’t tell a company’s story in 90 day chapters.) Liolios will help us tell the whole story.

Stay tuned. It’s a good story.