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Much has been written about business ethics – much of it pretty preachy.  But to me, it really isn’t all that complicated.  Business ethics isn’t a choice, but rather a way of life.

At Clearfield, we strive to do the right thing in all we do. Of course, we’re human and we make mistakes. But we strive to face every decision with integrity.

With all of the “Fiscal Cliff” discussion going on, it’s probably not expected that I would quote a government official about “integrity.”  However, while serving as the Director of Healthcare Reform, Rosemarie Greco hit the nail on the head when she said, “You cannot have a little integrity or a lot of integrity. There is no sliding scale for integrity. You either have it, or you don’t.”

Perhaps put more simply, integrity is really about character – and what is character, but conducting one’s life with the fundamental respect for others. In street terms, we call it “fighting fair.”

As we invest in new product and new markets, we are aiming to increase our market share and market penetration. We will be aggressive – we will fight fair.