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Innovation can be tricky. Technology is constantly evolving. It’s said that those who refuse to accept change are going to be left behind. Clearfield believes that technology should give you more choices, not fill you with the fear of being left in the dirt.

This week was an excellent example of that.

At the ISE Expo in San Antonio, TX, Clearfield unveiled a new line of products that will give service providers a lot more flexibility and options for their FTTH deployments. The new FieldShield YOURx Platform is the next generation of hardened optical fiber terminal, test access point and drop cable options to join the FieldShield fiber protection system. That means that every service provider now has the freedom of choice to match drop cable technology with the needs of their environment and first-cost priorities.

As Julie Kunstler, principal analyst at OVUM, put it, “Many service providers cannot make the business case for FTTH networks due to the high labor, design and inventory costs associated with the home connection. Clearfield’s focus on space saving designs and numerous fiber drop cable choices provides service providers with flexibility, enabling them to increase FTTH deployment targets with minimal training in the field and reduced inventory.”

As you might imagine, the new YOURx line was met with a lot of enthusiasm in San Antonio. FieldShield FLATdrop will be available in October.

Clearfield is thrilled to bring these innovative choices to market. Again, we don’t think anyone should have to face the fear of being left behind. Not while we’re on the job.