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The phrase “they have their head in the clouds” is sometimes taken as a derogatory description of someone. If you really think about it, it means free thinking. Someone not bound by typical limits, but someone who will allow themselves to be open to alternatives and not be afraid to embrace an idea or thought that the norms of the world reject.

As my flight climbed out of Louisiana this morning, I was treated to an amazing sight.  The clouds were particularly beautiful – towering, white pillars, masterpieces of nature. Enormous would be a good way to describe them. I felt tiny as we flew in and around them but it was an amazing sight to see.  It also gave me a different perspective on the area I just left. Everything looks different from up here.

This made me think, which it normally does, that despite how small someone is, they can move freely, even among the giants. All it takes is a little courage, hard work and some ingenuity. That really is the key to breaking barriers down and finding solutions to problems that were seemingly unsolvable.

That is what happens at Clearfield.

We allow ourselves to stick our heads up in the clouds sometimes to get a different perspective on everyday problems. What we find is that type of free thinking leads to real solutions to problems that “giants in the industry” still struggle with.

So, if you are interested in seeing what answers we have been able to find, take a look a Clearfield’s products. You will likely find the answer to a problem that has been bothering you for a while.

If you feel like it, stick your head up in the clouds with us…the view is pretty cool.

By Scot Bohaychyk