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I was having dinner with my good friend and his family this week. I’ve watched his three kids grow up over the past 10 years as I have see them once or twice a year. At the restaurant, I was sitting between Harrison and Whitley. Across the table was Jackson.  Jack is in 4th grade and he told me all about his budding soccer career. Harrison is 5 and doesn’t say much. Whitley on the other hand has always been outgoing and inquisitive. She is 8 years old and proceeded to tell me about the “School of Rock” camp she is in and how she is learning to play the drums. Not remembering, she asked, “Where do you live?” I answered, “Minneapolis.” She replied, “I thought you lived in Minnesota.” I took a moment and explained the relationship.

Then, she asked another question…a good question.

“Why do you travel?”

I told her that I have to travel for my job, like her Dad does. She was satisfied with that answer and we moved on to another subject as she ordered another chocolate milk.

I’m back on the road today and have some time to reflect back on that question.

Whitley, I’d like to explain a little more to you about why we travel.

I know it’s hard when your Dad is gone. Your Dad and I build fiber networks in cities and towns all across the US. We help people in those cities we travel to.

We do it to build a better life for our families.

We do it because we love it.

By Jim Pilgrim