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Most people remember the classic Frank Capra movie, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”. Last week, I had a “life-imitating-art” experience, as I traveled to our nation’s capital to meet with two Federal Communications Commission (FCC) commissioners, and the staff members of three other commissioners. 

(If you need to brush up on your civics, the FCC is the United States’ primary authority for communications law, regulation and technological innovation. Essentially, it regulates all interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable affecting the US.)

The crux of my meetings was the pending auction for high cost serving areas that currently do not have broadband service. I was able to provide some insight based upon Clearfield’s experience with nearly 500 FTTH customers. The commissioners and staff were particularly interested in how we are helping to reduce deployment costs centered around our focus on scalability, modularity and labor-lite practices.

As I rode in the cab from Georgetown to the FCC’s 8th floor offices (they’re not really on the 8th floor, but that’s another story for another time), I thought how different it felt to be here on business, rather than as a tourist. It was fascinating to witness everyone hustling back and forth (in the cold) to their respective offices. This city seems to teem with a youthful energy — juxtaposed against the experience and dedication of our elder statesmen and women.

My meetings were eye opening and surprisingly reaffirming. I was struck by how each commissioner seemed genuinely committed to serve America’s truest needs. They each approach it very differently, of course, but I never doubted their sincerity and commitment to getting it right.

I know many people are jaded about what goes on “Inside the Beltway.” While I agree that it can be frustrating when progress is seemingly so slow, I found it truly gratifying to watch it unfold.