Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

The funny thing about being in a different time zone is that sometimes lying awake at 4 am lets you hear things that you might otherwise miss. On a recent vacation in Honolulu, I laid wide awake, listening to the sounds of the city coming awake.

As I listened to all of the noises filter through my open balcony door, it made me think…a city is a lot like our body. The lifeblood of a city is data — from the delivery driver downloading his route, the police officer logging into his database to the commuter reading his morning electronic paper. All of these things have to do with the flow of data, and much like the organs in our bodies, need blood to survive. We need data to go about our daily routine.

Another similarity is the need to go and get a check-up periodically. We all know that ensuring that we are healthy through regular check-ups is important to make sure all of our systems are working as they should. The same goes for the health of our data networks. Catastrophic failures usually occur because of a component or system malfunctioning, causing a cascade effect. We at Clearfield take the health of the networks very seriously. From our Clearview Blue Cassette, to our cabinets, wall boxes, frame systems, microducts and fibers, we engineered in the ability to isolate and check each component without disrupting the rest. This helps ensure that your network is, and will stay, healthy. In the event that one of the components happens to have a problem, the Clearfield approach allows you to easily change out the item without major disruptions to the network. All of this ensures that the lifeblood of your network flows and that your network maintains optimum health.

So why not come in and let the professionals at Clearfield give your network a check-up today? It doesn’t hurt and we might just prevent a major “stroke” from crippling your network.

By Scot Bohaychyk