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Similar to the classic question on “Get Smart”: “Would you believe that a wall box can support 5G small cell densification with a very compact footprint, extreme fiber density and ease of use?” In this case, you’d better believe it!

What does street smart mean? Generally, it’s someone with practical rather than theoretical knowledge…learned on the streets rather than in a classroom. Someone with the skills necessary to succeed in their environment.

We developed our StreetSmart products with this practical aspect in mind…combining our fiber expertise with the experience of our field engineers and the customers that work in the field to provide the best in broadband services through products that:

  • Are engineered from street-proven experience
  • Are craft-friendly
  • Have common sense designs that get the job done

The StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box for Wireline to Wireless Applications, our first product in the StreetSmart portfolio, is tailored for 5G fiber deployments. It’s available in two configurations: plug-and-play and patch only. This plastic wall box serves as the demarcation point between the backhaul provider and the mobile network operator (MNO). The unique angled adapter plate allows installers craft-friendly access to the connectors for ease of cleaning and testing, while maintaining superior fiber management. A true separation occurs between the wireline and wireless provider with a hinged plate and 216 locking mechanism.

Other StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box features include:

  • Extreme fiber density: up to 48 fibers of LC or 24 SC connectivity
  • Compact footprint (13"x8"x3") enables the box to fit in tight locations
  • MPO tail capability for complete plug-and-play
  • Blunt tail option for direct splicing to trunk cable
  • GR-771 compliant
  • Separation of provider and end user/contractor portions of box
  • FiberDeep® .2dB insertion loss on LC terminations

See our website for additional materials about the StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box, including:

  • Data sheet covering application, description, features/benefits, technical specifications and part numbers
  • Introduction video that tells you about the Fiber Hand-Off Box
  • Hands-on video that shows you how to install the Fiber Hand-Off Box
  • Whitepaper explaining small cells, who owns the fiber and how the Fiber Hand-Off Box fits in
  • Installation Manual with step-by-step instructions

If you want to get 5G smart with our StreetSmart Fiber Hand-Off Box, please reach out to Clearfield®. We’re happy to help.

By Tim Kjolsing

Tim has over 20 years in the telecommunication industry, with solid experience in technical assistant center, application engineering and product management. His current role is Access Product Manager at Clearfield. Tim earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Finance from Minnesota State University, Mankato in Mankato, Minnesota.