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We’re talking about advice this month. I mentioned last week that best advice I ever got came from a boss early in my career who advised, “Go with your gut.” Someone asked what’s the best advice I have ever gave I’d have to say: “Laugh. You can’t be unhappy when you’re laughing, and happy people make things happen.”

Laughter has helped me so often in both my professional and personal life. Even in the darkest of days, if we can find a reason to laugh, we can find our way through any challenge. Humor has a way of helping you keep your troubles in proportion.

As it turns out, levity is also a great employee engagement tool. According to Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For List,” produced by the Great Place to Work® Institute, employees in companies that earned a “great” classification responded overwhelmingly (81 percent) that they are working in a fun environment. In other words, employees at the best companies are also having the best time.

Research shows employees who feel more loyalty to their companies typically rank their bosses’ sense of humor highest. Now, I don’t make it a habit of trotting out joy buzzers or whoopee cushions, but I do encourage having fun at the office. That’s why we host regular employee events and impromptu celebrations. Keeping the fun in the workplace is a good way of keeping employees happy.

I don’t always listen to my own advice – I have a reputation of being a bit moody – and demanding. I have high expectations for myself and those around me, and unfortunately, I have been known to get testy if things fall short. So sometimes, I need to take a little bit of my own medicine, a good belly laugh, and somehow the latest frustration doesn’t seem all that big of a hurdle.

So, yes, I believe laughter is both the best medicine and the best advice.

Thanks for the advice!
Thanks for the good advice that some of you have shared. Please keep posting your best advice below, and I’ll share some highlights next week.