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I talk to many customers trying to solve MDU issues. One recurring challenge is that fiber drops are unterminated when entering the fiber distribution box on the wall in the communications room. The area doesn’t have enough room to splice all 32 drops in the box plus have a 1x32 splitter with bulkheads to plug and unplug drops. Customers often use two boxes to achieve the final goal and just run jumpers between boxes. The labor cost for all the splicing and backboard space for two panels is very costly.

After listening to one customer, I talked to our product management and engineering. In only one day, we took a common product and configured it so that a single product meets all the customer’s needs. That product is the YOURx™ Flex Box and we demonstrated why “flex” is in the product name…is it flexible! Here’s how we solved the MDU issue:

  1. We showed the customer that the YOURx Flex Box could have the microduct entry ports on the bottom…or turn the box upside down and have the entry from the top…all without changing part numbers or the internal guts of the box.
  2. For unterminated drops, we added a splice tray behind the bulkheads, with 32 pigtails for splicing all their drops. Also, the 1x32 splitter is mounted in the box, with the feeder leg spliced in the trays as well. The distribution legs of the 1x32 splitter are all organized in the staging area, which provides ease of plugging and unplugging customers.
  3. The customer can also use this same box with our pre-terminated FieldShield® Deploy Reels located at the customer unit, and pull the drop to the YOURx Flex Box…where we took out the tie plates and installed our 1x32 splitter cassette…providing a true plug-and-play solution.

After we showed the customer how everything can take place in one box, they loved it. The customer was delighted with how quickly we came up with a solution to their MDU issue. With all of my experience installing many different products around the world, I’ll attest that no one beats our customer support and ingenuity.

If you need help solving your MDU challenges, reach out to Clearfield®. We’re happy to help.

By Kevin Tusing

A Clearfield Application Engineer for over 5 years, Kevin Tusing works with customers on their fiber-fed deployments. Kevin's professional experience includes Cable Technician at the U.S. Air Force and Cable Splicer/Manager at Cincinnati Bell. He has expertise in fiber optic, wireless and FTTx solutions.