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As a person that will be retiring from the Guard this year and a cable splicer for 17 years at a phone company, I have never felt like either were a place to hang my hat and call home.

In the military, it is expected you do your job no matter what without questions asked. It has been over twenty years of “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” — and all with a fake smile. Everyone was just going through the motions like mindless robots that needed to be reprogrammed every now and then. Personnel would come and go. Of course you always said, “Man, I could never forget that person we went through hell together.” But now, I can’t remember half of the people that I crossed paths with while I served. My favorite was when you would return after a long deployment overseas and the commander would say welcome home. I would look around at my troops and say to myself this isn’t home.

Working as a cable splicer at the telephone company was very similar, with the exception of the turnover rate. I made some good friends while working at the phone company but the work was very monotonous. I was always looking for other jobs so I could get away from the day to day boredom and better myself. It never felt like home.

Looking for a place that had that good ole feeling was getting exhausting, until I found Clearfield.

I know everyone says there is no such thing as a perfect job, but they are wrong. My search for the perfect job is over. It has been a little over a year since I have started working at Clearfield but every day I go to work, it feels like it’s my first day on the job. The Clearfield employees are the best group to work with and the customer base is just awesome. I can finally hang my hat up because I found a place to call home.

By: Kevin Tusing