Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

Like 100 million other people, we'll be watching Super Bowl LII on Sunday taking place at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

Hometown pride aside, Clearfield has even more "skin in the game" (as they say) because we manage and protect all the fiber on which US Bank Stadium's mobile broadband data traffic runs.  So, we have a vested interest in ensuring that our Super Bowl guests have a good experience. 

Our job is to support the fiber infrastructure that will power the hi-tech needs of all those New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans descending on our stadium.  Clearfield's credo is "fiber-to-anywhere" as we bring broadband access to even the trickiest parts of the world.  Our field-tested fiber optic platforms connect the distributed antenna system (DAS) to boost the LTE signals and increase wireless capacity in dense usage football stadiums.  (Can you imagine a higher density situation than 65,000 smart-phone wielding fans?)  Even before they arrive, sensors will identify the best route to take and place to park.  Once inside, guests will be scanning their tickets, taking selfies, making countless social media posts and consuming unimaginable levels of data.

But we've got this.  Clearfield is used to being at the center of making these connections possible.

And with those 100 million+ eyes on us on game day, it's really no pressure at all.