Fiber Optic Cabinets, Cables, Pedestals and Terminals

There are always a lot of excuses why things can’t get done (not enough time, too many resources needed, etc).

When I served in the Army, we had a saying that was used when we ran into problems.  It was “Adapt, Improvise…Overcome”. Whether it was lack of fuel for our vehicles or damaged equipment, the military asked us to think on our feet, use what was available and accomplish the objective.

I think that a lot of Clearfield employees exemplify these principals on a daily basis. When a customer brings us an issue, we don’t say “sorry, we can’t do that”. We find a way to adapt our products to work in their environment. Both the Clearview Cassette and xPAK have been installed in some of the most unique applications on earth using our engineers’ ingenuity and adaptations.

Another aspect of that saying is to improvise. Clearfield improvises by thinking quickly so that we can react to a customer’s needs. I have been in meetings where a whiteboard drawing became reality on our rapid prototype machine by the next day. In our business, timing is everything and customers need to get their projects done in a timely manner. We continue to adapt and improvise in order to overcome our customer’s problems.

Give us a call next time you need help overcoming obstacles in your fiber network. I think you will be impressed.

By Tom Warren